mangaroo (mangaroo) wrote,

I see there's going to be a learning curve

I am drinking tea. That I made. For myself.

Now, that would not be an astonishing series of statements if it weren't for the fact that I believe I hate tea and know I hate coffee. At home, I drink diet soda. When offered a beverage in a stranger's home, I always pass on tea and coffee and ask for water, because I know I hate tea and coffee. Except I don't. At least, when I drink green tea in a Japanese restaurant, I always find it pleasant enough and rather tummy-soothing. So, after my recent tea-infused outings with s_vamp, I decided to pick up some prepackaged tea at the market. (Don't get me started on s_vamp and her homemade blends of dried grown stuff. PLANTS ARE NOT FOOD, PEOPLE. And don't ask how I managed to make a selection at the market, where there are about one thousand different blends in boxes all promising me a zen-like beverage experience.)

So I bring my soothingly green zen box home and read the instructions for preparing the tea inside. Hot water, just under boiling, poured over tea bag in mug. Let steep for 2-3 minutes. Remove tea bag (which my box is calling an infuser, incidentally. I can only assume they are shying away from sexual innuendo, so I snicker like a 13-year-old boy). Enjoy.

Naturally, those instructions must be wrong. I would not pay 25¢ for something I am just going to place in hot water for two minutes and discard. So I pour hot water over my infuser and let it steep for two minutes. Then I start tormenting it with a spoon and let it steep for two more minutes before spooning it out of the mug and allowing all moisture remaining in the infuser to drain back into the cup.

Yeah, this may not be the best cup of tea I've ever consumed. But I'll get better.

I still hate coffee. I'm sure of it.
Tags: food
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