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First we discuss, later we meme

So I passive-aggressively proposed a KBLY meme and W_10_00 pouted over my tsunderitude and then I said I would do it...eventually. First, I thought we should take a look at the categories and agree on some parameters for the lists. I would like to follow KBLY 2011 style as closely as possible, with the exception that our lists would be drawn from all available BL, rather than a single year. Blurbs -- the 1-2 sentence descriptions of the winners -- should be optional. Though usually, knowing WHY something was chosen is the most interesting part.

KBLY categories and # of results returned
• BLコミック ザ ベスト20 (The best 20 BL manga) (Please provide ranking, artist, and title.)
• 攻部門 ザ ベスト! (The best seme(s), 1-5) (Please provide ranking, name, artist, and title.)
• 受部門 ザ ベスト! (The best uke(s), 1-5)
• メガネ ザ ベスト! (The best bespectacled characters, 1-3)
• オヤジ ザ ベスト! (The best middle-aged male characters, 1-3)
• ヘタレ ザ ベスト! (The best hetare characters, 1-3)*
• ツンデレ ザ ベスト! (The best tsundere characters, 1-3)
• S ザ ベスト! (The best sadists, 1-3)**
• M ザ ベスト! (The best masochists, 1-3)
• 兄 ザ ベスト! (The best older brother, 1)***
• 弟 ザ ベスト! (The best little brother, 1)
• 脇役 ザ ベスト! (The best supporting character, 1)
• 輝いた女の子 ザ ベスト! (The best...shining girl, 1)****

* I think I have a pretty good grip on tsundere, but can someone define hetare for me? I've got Morinaga from Tyrant and Italy from Hetalia as examples...and Morinaga is not that he?

** Of course, anyone could skip any categories they wanted to. I plan to do only one each for the S and M categories, even though I came to realize on our recent trip that the S & M designations are overused in BL manga these days. Also, why on earth would they have THREE of these and only one older brother/younger brother/supporting character? Huh?

*** I don't know either of the winners for these categories in KBLY 2011, but I assume they are still main characters, and not the best older/younger brother to a main character. (Older brother is from Sugar Code and also shows up in the best megane list. Is he really an older brother, or is this the yakuza use of the word?)

**** This is a category??

Also, I found the KBLY 2012 web questionnaire. I envy any of my friends who are bold enough to fill it out (YES! let's infiltrate the survey), but mostly I'm excited about their list of BL titles published between 10/2010 and 9/2011 (it's a time-traveling pdf). I can't tell if it's actually complete: many publishers include September pub dates in their list, but some abruptly end at July.
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