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minor update my DSL went down at noon yesterday. I assumed that meant they were working on/testing the phone line, so I waited it out until 3pm, when I finally walked into work. Where I discovered a phone message from the technician assigned to my trouble ticket. I called him back to find out why I now had neither phone nor internet service, only to discover that

• he claimed to have come to my building and knocked on my apartment door. (Impossible. I was in the living room the entire day. Even a tap on my door would have been heard.)
• he claimed to have fixed the problem. (WRONG)
• he claimed to have asked the building manager to let him into a "phone closet" in the building's "basement." When I repeatedly noted that my building didn't have a basement, he brushed that off, as if the open-space garage = basement. Later, I called my apartment manager who had no recollection of these events and who declared that the circuit board I identified next to the garage door was indeed the only phone panel for the building. (Which is kind of crazy and vulnerable; I think I would prefer it to be in a locked area. It's a miracle vandals haven't taken out phone service for the entire building.)

But the point is, this guy either has me confused with someone else or he never came to my building at all...or both. So when I got to work today, I called AT&T to try to express my dissatisfaction with the ticket being closed when the problem was not resolved (they didn't care), to discuss the problem of me being unavailable to contact yet available to let a technician in my home (they had no solution or suggestion), and to arrange a "service window" where I could at least try to have heightened alertness re: visitors to my building. The service window is 4-8pm today. 'cause I want to spend those 4 hours loitering around outside my apartment building.

I anticipate being without internet or phone all weekend. All THREE DAYS of the holiday weekend. I wish I could find room for a data plan in my budget: I would get an iPad w/3G for "emergencies" like this. (I do secretly think my weekend will be crazy productive for decluttering as a result. But it's still going to drive me crazy, I must have opened my browser 5 or 6 times last night to look something up before remembering that I don't have internet.)
Tags: my miserable life
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